Youth Empowerment Program Aims to Bring Opportunity


Flamborough Connects has recently launched the Youth Empowerment Program.

Youth-led and agency supported, this program is focused on creating a multidimensional hub for Flamborough youth — where they can engage with each other, build networks and share interests. Activities will be chosen by local youth and led by a core team of young people — the leadership team — and our youth co-ordinator.

Activities include: youth job fairs, summer employment opportunities and youth volunteer fairs. Activities chosen by youth: recreation, social inclusion, physical and mental well-being, fun and games, opportunities to learn and implement leadership skills.

The Youth Empowerment Program’s goal is to bring resources and activities to youth, particularly in the rural areas of Flamborough. Youth in Flamborough do not have the same access to programs and resources their counterparts do within the core Hamilton area. For example, they are not able to walk to a community centre, get on the bus to the mall or access many of the same resources that youth in Hamilton have close by.

Public transportation is limited to Waterdown and runs on a light schedule. Flamborough Connects aims to bring these programs and resources to youth for free.

The leadership team consists of members between the ages of 12 to 18. This team meets at least twice a month to select, plan and facilitate that month’s activities. Members of the team receive volunteer hours for their efforts.

Any youth in this age range are welcome to join the leadership team and as the new school year approaches, we hope to recruit more youth to the team.

We also hope to have youth from all around the Flamborough area to participate in our activities! To stay up to date on the Youth Empowerment Program’s initiatives, follow our Instagram account: @FlamboroughYouth.

— Ava Shepherd is the youth programs co-ordinator for Flamborough Connects. She can be reached at

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