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Flamborough Shops, an Affordable Grocery Shopping Service

Flamborough Connects is pleased to offer Flamborough Shops, an affordable grocery shopping service for those who are unable to shop for themselves.


Flamborough Shops is perfect for people with mobility issues or disabilities that limit them in grocery shopping, seniors who live alone and don’t drive, or those who are at a high risk for COVID-19.

Flamborough Shops is available to residents of Flamborough, including Waterdown, Carlisle, Freelton, Milgrove, Lynden, Greensville, Rockton or other rural areas of Flamborough.

How it works

  1. Connect with us to register for Flamborough Shops. Call us at 905-689-7880 or email admin@flamboroughconnects.ca.
  2. Make your shopping list.  Please include specific brands, flavours, quantities or sizes of the products you want purchased and your preferred store.
  3. Call Flamborough Connects to place your order at least 5 days before you require your groceries.
  4. A volunteer will complete your shop* and deliver your groceries to your home.  No contact/social distancing is available.
  5. Pay for your grocers plus the nominal Flamborough Connects delivery fee by e-transfer or by giving a cheque to the volunteer shopper.


$10.00 delivery fee for up to a 25 km round trip plus the cost of groceries

$15.00 delivery fee for over 25 km round trip plus the cost of groceries

Connect with us to register or for more information!

Call us at 905-689-7880 or email admin@flamboroughconnects.ca

*Flamborough Connects is not responsible for product unavailability or errors in the selection of grocery items during shopping.

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163 Dundas Street East Waterdown, Ontario Mailing address: P.O. Box 240, L0R 2H0 admin@flamboroughconnects.ca 905.689.7880 1.800.297.3427

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