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Outstanding Flamborough Senior Volunteer
Every year Flamborough Connects, in partnership with Flamborough agencies, service clubs and organizations, awards an outstanding Flamborough senior who has contributed significantly to the community. Someone who lives in Flamborough and has enriched the lives of others by donating their time. Nominations close April 12. The award will be given at the Flamborough Volunteer Appreciation Event in early May. Download and fill in the nomination form here.

Need Volunteers?
Flamborough Connects links local service clubs, non profits and charities with those who wish to volunteer.

We help community groups by providing outreach, promotion and recruitment support. We help to match local volunteers with local opportunities – whether they are long term, short term, hands on, hands off or multi-handed.

Volunteer activities cover all aspects of community life – sports and recreation, arts, music and drama, community events and projects, committee or clerical work, counselling, tutoring, mentoring and fundraising. Opportunities span all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Youth in need of community hours can call the office or view the available positions listed on our website.

Flamborough Connects partners annually with the city of Hamilton to bring the Snow Angels program to our community. This program helps eligible seniors and those with disabilities clear their snow.