Marking Non Profit Appreciation Week With Flamborough Connects


It’s that time of year again. Income Tax time. Flamborough Connects can help!

The Flamborough Connects’ Income Tax Program is part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. This is a FREE program where volunteers complete and file income tax returns for Flamborough residents of any age with a modest income and a simple tax situation.

You can use the Flamborough Connects’ Income Tax Program to file your income tax if your income is below $35 000 for a single (plus $2500 for each dependent) or below $45 000 for a couple (plus $2500 for each dependent). Your income can come from employment, pension or social benefits and you need receipts for your deductions (rent, medical, childcare, tuition, donations, etc.). Seniors, families, singles and students are all welcome to participate in the Income Tax Program!

Unfortunately, our volunteers cannot complete returns if, in the last tax year, you have self-employment income, business or rental income and expenses, capital gains or losses, bankruptcy or if return is for a deceased individual or spouse.

The Income Tax Program begins March 1. Connect with us to register by calling Flamborough Connects at 905-689-7880 or email us at To learn more, visit us at

Are you wondering what’s going on in Flamborough? Take a look at our new Community Events Calendar on the Flamborough Connects’ website,! The calendar is packed full of local events from all over Flamborough. You’ll want to check it out and plan your outings.

Are you a non-profit group or charity in Flamborough? Submit your event using the button on the Flamborough Connects’ Community Events page or email us at and we’ll add your event to the Events Calendar. Events must take place in the Flamborough area, be facilitated by a non-profit or charitable organization, take place in a fair respectful and inclusive environment and be open to the residents of Flamborough. Flamborough Connects reviews each submission before posting.

Check out the calendar to see what’s happening in your neighbourhood! And tag us on social media when you post about an event you saw on the Flamborough Connects’ Community Event Calendar! Follow Flamborough Connects on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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