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Flamborough Connects offers personal tax preparation services at no charge to eligible individuals. We are now offering this program remotely over the phone!

Anyone who lives in Flamborough needing to file, including people from Waterdown, Carlisle, Freelton, Milgrove, Lynden, Greensville, Rockton and more

• Individuals with income under $35,000.00, plus $2,500.00 for each dependent child

• Couples with income under $45,000.00, plus $2,500 for each dependent child

Volunteers do not prepare complex returns, such as returns for individuals who:

  • Have self-employment income
  • Have business or rental income and expenses
  • Have capital gains or losses
  • Have employment expenses
  • File for bankruptcy
  • Are deceased within the year

If you are attending the clinic, please remember to bring with you the following items:

  • All receipts of income and last year’s tax return
    • Salary, wage; Interest income; Pension, annuity income; Registered retirement income; Canada Savings Bond interest; Old age security; Social assistance payments; Worker’s Compensation benefits; Employment insurance benefits
  • All receipts for expenses
    • child care expenses; medical expenses; charitable donations; property taxes or rent; donations; tuition fees
  • Also, if you are married, or common-law, you must provide your spouse’s income and social insurance number.

This is a great service for youth and students to utilize!

To set up an appointment, please call 905 689 7880 or fill in the contact us form on this page.

Please note the following deadlines changes in response to COVID-19:

The personal tax filing deadline has been extended to June 1st and the payment due date has also been extended. Personal income taxes are now not due until August 31, 2020.