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A volunteer driver program for eligible local residents who do not drive or do not have access to public transit to attend appointments and activities in the Flamborough area.

Due to COVID-19, this service is currently paused. In the meantime, we are recruiting new volunteers. For more info go to our volunteer page.

Drives can be provided for social outings and visits and trips to appointments such as the bank or salon.

This service is available for anyone who lives in Flamborough, including Waterdown, Carlisle, Freelton, Milgrove, Lynden, Greensville, and Rockton.

Clients must be independently mobile (not in a wheelchair) however, a collapsible walker or cane is acceptable.  Clients must also be cognitively sound and capable (i.e. do not have a cognitive diagnosis such as dementia, alzheimer’s, short-term memory loss, etc).

Clients are required to give at least five business days’ notice to provide enough time to book a volunteer driver.

 Costs are based on the length of your trip and will be set prior to your drive.

Interested in volunteering? Check out our volunteer page for more info.

Call 905-689-7880 or email admin@flamboroughconnects.ca to get started!