Flamborough Connects income tax program helps modest-income residents


It’s Income Tax time and Flamborough Connects helps Flamborough residents with a modest income by preparing and electronically filing income tax returns. Last year the Flamborough Connects’ Income Tax Program completed returns for 257 residents, which helped to put almost $650,000 back into their pockets through refunds, GST rebates, Trillium benefits, Child Tax Credits, Climate Action funds and other benefits.

The Flamborough Connects’ Income Tax Program is part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. This is a FREE program where volunteers complete and file income tax returns for Flamborough residents of any age and with a modest income and a simple tax situation.

You can use the Flamborough Connects’ Income Tax Program to file your income tax if your income is below $35 000 for a single or below $45 000 for a couple. Your income can come from employment, pension or social benefits. You’ll also need receipts for your deductions (rent, medical, childcare, tuition, donations, etc.). Seniors, families, singles and students are all welcome to participate in the Flamborough Connects Income Tax Program!

Due to Canada Revenue Agency restrictions, our volunteers cannot complete returns if (in the last tax year) you have self-employment income, business or rental income/expenses, capital gains/losses, bankruptcy or if return is for a deceased individual or spouse.

The income tax filing deadline is at the end of April but the Flamborough Connects Income Tax Program runs year-round for late filers. Flamborough Connects’ volunteer income tax preparers will also help people who are behind on their taxes to catch up by filing taxes for prior years.

Connect with us to register for the Income Tax Program by calling Flamborough Connects at 905-689-7880 or email us at admin@flamboroughconnects.ca. To learn more, visit us at flamboroughconnects.ca. Due to ongoing IT issues, the Flamborough Connects Office currently has no phone service but we can receive emails or stop by our office at 163 Dundas Street East (in the Waterdown Library building) to drop off you income tax paperwork Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m


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