Flamborough Connects marks 45th anniversary in 2022

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Flamborough Connects — previously known as Information Flamborough and Flamborough Information and Community Services.

In 1975, Waterdown residents approached the community services branch of the Greater Hamilton YMCA to study Waterdown’s evolving needs. With the help of Dundas and Ancaster Information Services, as well as the Central Information Services in Hamilton, Information Flamborough opened in 1977 to bridge the information gap between service providers and rural residents.

Though communication technologies have become more sophisticated, and community service priorities have evolved, our goals are still the same today — Flamborough Connects brings people and resources together.

In 1978, Information Flamborough launched the Youth Employment Services program. Pre-internet and responding to the employment needs of local youth, this program was largely a summertime odd job squad.

The program has grown and transformed to become the Flamborough Youth Empowerment Program, featuring a youth leadership team that co-ordinates monthly activities to promote youth engagement and holds annual events like the Online Youth Job Fair and Youth Volunteer Fair.

One of Flamborough Connects signature programs, the Canada Volunteer Income Tax Program, launched in 1992 and has been supporting the financial security of residents by ensuring they have access to refunds and benefits ever since.

In 1997, we launched the Rural Community Grocery Bus, addressing significant transportation issues for rural older adults. Although the bus was suspended due to COVID-19, we launched Flamborough Drives and Flamborough Shops, volunteer supported programs that make sure local seniors can get where they want to go and receive reliable food delivery.

In 2001, Flamborough Connects launched the local volunteer centre, now called Flamborough Volunteers. For 21 years, Flamborough Connects has helped residents and local non-profits find each other and contribute to a community that cares. Every June, we host the Annual Flamborough Volunteer Appreciation event and recognize exceptional contributions with the Senior Volunteer Award.


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