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Flamborough Connects empowers residents through information and referral services and enhances community quality of life by identifying unmet needs, liaising with the community and facilitating social services.

As a registered charity with only partial government support, corporate and individual donations are vital to maintain and grow programs. Flamborough Connects needs your support to help your neighbours.

We’re looking for:

Board of Directors:

Melanie Gowing – Chair
Bill Kocmarek – Treasurer
Natalie Walker – Director
Aman El Duweini – Director
Donna Czukar – Director
Tyrone Matheson – Director
Lucy Keelan – Director
Wayne Stickley – Director
Brenda Jefferies – Director

Amelia Steinbring – Executive Director
Tara Rusn – Communications and Events Coordinator
Penny Deathe – Youth Program Development
Julie Vollick – Paint Challenge Coordinator